JC Cabinet - Cabinet Installer Ripped us off. Did not do work

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We hire J&C Cabinet Shop, Seven Springs, NC to install new kitchen cabinets for us.We hired him on 11/14/11.

He was suppose to start right after Thanksgiving. We did not hear from him so called him and he said he was busy and would get them before Christmas. He did not. Then it was suppose to be by the first of the year.

We finally got him to come the last of January. He came and tore out old cabinets, left and did not come back. We had to keep calling him. He finally came back two weeks later and put in two little cabinets.

Left again. He put on the formican counter tops. They are un-even, formica is pieced and pulling apart. Drawers and cabinet doors have no pulls and knobs.

Said he could not hang the upper cabinets. They are still sitting on my dining room floor. He was suppose to have a painter paint them. He kept the money and did it himself and you can still see the pencil marks on them and have yellow spots all over.

No shelves in any of the cabinets. Doors on cabinets are all un-even. Some doors are wider than others.

Not enough space to tell all.He is a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So sorry to hear this donnagirl.The exact same thing happened to us except he was supposed to install bookshelves.

We are out $1200. We experienced nothing but excuses and no work at all from June 2012 until now, March 2013. I met with his wife but she said they have no money and cannot refund our deposit. I am sick to my stomach over this.

I will investigate any future contractors very carefully.

I have learned the hard way.

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